The Best Running Shoes

Straight away, there is no such thing as the best running shoe. It does not exist. Anyone who claims there is a best running shoe is simply wrong.

best running shoes Best running shoes

All running shoe brands and models have different characteristics or design features. This may include the amount of drop (difference in stack height between the forefoot and rearfoot); the amount of cushioning; the stiffness or flexibility in different directions; the use of motion control design features for ‘overpronation‘; and many other design features. Each of those design features are designed for different characteristics of the individual runner. Each runner has different characteristics so will need different design features. This means that any particular running shoe that is good and works for one runner will not be good and work for another runner. Asking for advice for what is the best running shoe is fraught with risk, just because it worked for one runner does not mean it will work for another.

Some running shoes companies have made claims that they have the best running shoe, such as the technologically rich Asics Metarun. Commentary on that shoe certainly suggest that it is a good shoe for those that it is made for, but it is not suitable for everyone, so it can not be the best running shoe. Other brands make similar clams for their shoes being the best. Best for who?

Getting the right running shoe can be difficult and more often than not is based on trial and error. It is a matter of finding the running shoe that is most comfortable for you, fits you and suits you. For this reason, you are better getting expert advice from a specialty running shoe store rather than random people online who have no idea about your characteristics. It is important that the time is taken to get it right as different shoe characteristics (such as the drop) can affect the injury rate in different runners. Also, getting the right amount of cushioning for the individual runner is important as that can affect running economy (ie performance).

There is not and never can there be, the best running shoe.