Foot Creams

There are a lot of different foot creams that are available on the market with almost every one of them claiming to be the best and capable of working miracles to fix every case of dry skin on the feet. If you do have skin on the feet that is dry or skin around the heel that is cracked, then a good foot cream is going to be helpful. It is going to be a challenge to find a way through all the marketing hype and claims made by all the different brands and types of creams that are available to find one that is most useful for you.

foot creams

Unfortunately, there is no research that has been done that has looked at comparing the different types of creams and how they can affect the dry and cracked skin on the feet. It is surprising that no research has been done whilst at the same time different brands claim to be better when there is no research showing that they are. There has been plenty of research done into the different skin conditions and the physiology of the skin conditions, so a lot is known about that. What a lot is not known about is what cream to use and when to use it.

One thing that the research has shown is that in every case of the many different conditions that cause dry skin, there is a documented deficiency of urea in the skin. Based on that it could be speculated that if you need a cream for your feet, then a good place to start would be one that contains urea. There is not a lot of research that has consistently shown other deficiencies to help indicate what else in combination with the urea may be useful. This means that it may be a matter of trial and error until you find one that suits your skin. This can prove to be somewhat difficult as the individual response to the different foot creams is quite variable.

The urea creams, such as the Walker’s Foot Cream come in several different strengths with each different strength have a different affect. The lower strengths of urea, up to 15-20% are better at re hydrating dry skin. The moderate strengths of urea, around 25% are best for both re-hydrating the skin as well as help remove some of the dead dry skin. Strengths of around 40% can be used under occlusion to help with the thicker cracked hard skin and dystrophic nails. There are various other ingredients in these urea based creams and other brands have differing amounts of other ingredients, so it could be a matter of trial and error to find what suits you.

Probably of more importance that the choice of brand or type of skin cream is actually using it. There is no point getting a cream and not using it regularly. Initially the cream probably should be applied twice a day and then once a day after it has improved. It has to be used in order to help.