Tailors Bunion

Tailor’s bunion, also known as bunionette is similar to a traditional bunion, but affects the outside of the foot. It is called a “Tailor’s” bunion as it was supposedly more common in Tailor’s who used to historically sit cross legged on the floor to do their work – this put more pressure on the bunion.

Tailor’s bunion is a bony bump that develops on the fifth metatarsal bone, the bone connecting the little toe to the midfoot. This deformity is often caused by an inherited foot structure, leading to a misalignment of the bones. It can also be caused or exacerbated by wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes, such as high heels or narrow shoes, which put excessive pressure on the joint and toe.

Symptoms of a Tailor’s Bunion:
A visible bump or swelling on the outside of the foot near the little toe.
Discomfort or pain in the affected area, which may worsen with prolonged standing, walking, or wearing tight shoes.
If the irritation from the shoe continue, the skin around the bunionette may appear red and swollen.
Due to friction and pressure caused by the deformity, corns and calluses can develop on the bump or the adjacent toes.

Treatment of a Tailors Bunion:
Footwear modifications: Wearing wide-toed shoes with sufficient arch support and cushioning can alleviate pressure on the bunionette and provide relief. Avoiding high heels and tight shoes is crucial in preventing further discomfort and progression of the deformity.
Padding and orthotics: Padding the bunionette with gel-filled cushions or moleskin can help reduce friction and relieve pain. These tailors bunion pads are often helpful. Additionally, custom orthotic devices or shoe inserts can provide support and correct any underlying foot imbalances.
Surgical: If the above conservative measures fail to provide relief or in severe cases, surgical intervention may be recommended. The surgical procedure aims to correct the bone misalignment, remove the bony prominence, and realign the joint, allowing for improved foot function and reduced pain

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