Toe Foams

The toe foams are a variety of tubular foam products which are generally utilized by podiatrists for a number of problems that can impact the large and smaller toes. The foams are made of a polyurethane foam fashioned into a tube having a cloth backing inside. The foams typically come in a larger length to allow them to be cut down into the size that is required. They also generally can be found in a number of width sizing’s so that they can be matched to the dimensions of the toe that it’s needed for. In addition they can be found in just one thickness around the complete diameter of the foam as well as a dual thickness type which has a dual thickness of foam on one side. All these toe foams do seem to be rather large, and concerns are often brought up about how precisely it could accomodate the toe and then place the foot into the shoe. Although the foams are cumbersome, they’re soft and will contract down quite a bit, so can let the foot to fit in the footwear. However, because of the softer nature of them, they will deteriorate and really do need to be replaced every so often. You can find significantly less cumbersome options to the toe foams such as the silicon tubular pads, however the edge that the toe foams have is they will breath and let the air to move between your toes, that has hygiene ramifications. Using the silicon kind of pads, they don’t allow that air to pass.

They are widely used, for example, after having a corn in between the toes has been removed by a foot doctor. A corn among the toes is usually as a result of too much pressure in between the toes, possibly from using footwear which can be too tight. This elevated pressure causes your skin to become thicker and the corn builds up. A podiatrist can be very good at eliminating the corn, but if the pressure which induces the corn to begin with (ie the tight footwear) are still there, then there is a strong possibility that the corn will almost certainly return. A great way to help that is to make use of one of the toe foams about one of the toes and that should benefit the pressure in between the toes. The dual thickness types are typically used here with all the dual thickness going in between the toes. These types of toe foams will also be great for blisters. Blisters are caused by chaffing, therefore can develop to the toes with friction between the shoe and the toe. When the toe can be surrounded by a toe foam, then this foam will soak up that friction and it is not moved to your skin. This is very useful in treating as well as protecting against blisters over the toes. These foams can also be helpful with hygiene conditions in between the toes, especially with the accumulation of things similar to toe jam. The foam can separate the toes and enable air to pass and in addition they will also help absorb the accumulation of moisture which will help prevent its accumulation.